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Raven Realty has the best Realtor in La Crosse, Wisconsin!

“If we could give 10 stars, we would!”

Raven Realty has the best REALTOR in La Crosse, Wisconsin! Check out this glowing review from our wonderful client!

“Our apartment had mold issues that caused major health problems for me and we needed a new place ASAP. We looked at building a home first, but prices were way out of our budget. We tried to buy a house without a realtor, but that deal fell through and was horribly stressful! We were first time home buyers and had no idea what we were doing, only what we wanted: a solidly built house with no mold issues/major water damage, that we could live in with our growing family. My husband and I didn’t realize how crazy the real estate market had been thanks to the pandemic, let alone how hard it would be to find a home in this area without some sort of mold issue.

Raven Realty had been recommended to us by a neighbor of a relative. We actually interviewed a few realtors in the area but decided to use Jill & Bill because of our priorities for a new home. We really needed realtors that knew the La Crosse area beyond the usual realtor experience. We felt that Bill’s construction background paired with his own realtor experience and that of his wife Jill would definitely be to our advantage. And we were right!

Within an hour of telling Jill that we’d like to use Raven Realty’s services, she had sent us listings to view, and we set up a few showings for later in the week. We continued to be very impressed with how detailed, professional, and lightning fast all of the communications were between us from start to finish. Oftentimes we’d come up with questions after a showing, send a text to our “house hunt group chat”, and we’d get a response within the hour no matter the day of the week. Putting together offers was a breeze thanks to Jill’s very efficient process, and we never felt like we didn’t understand what we were signing. The closing process was easy as well. She walked us through every detail which made us feel confident and definitely less stressed!

We looked at numerous homes through late fall/winter trying to narrow down a good fit. We had given them a laundry list of things we wanted, and Jill & Bill both kindly and expertly helped us figure out what was really a priority and what wasn’t. It was absolutely invaluable to have them showing us homes in person and getting immediate feedback from their multiple points of view and experience.

It became very apparent that their instincts were spot on, not just in terms of how quickly a house might have offers, how the price we’d put in would compare to other offers, or even the neighborhood/history of that area, but what sort of deeper updates a house had had (foundation fixes, layout issues, potential plumbing issues, etc) and by what quality of workmanship. Bill was incredibly patient in answering all of our questions about how/why things were put together, if he was living here how would he fix it? Is this reasonably priced based on the work put in? Etc.

Jill listened very attentively to what we said (and sometimes didn’t say!) and would point out aspects that were very practical (ex. This house has a significant flight of stairs from the garage to the kitchen. Do you really want to carry groceries up stairs?). We always felt like they were speaking honestly about a property’s features/faults, and that they were aware of what it could be like to live there 365 days a year.

The home we ended up buying needed some elbow grease, but we all felt confident after seeing so many homes together, it was the right fit.The house needed a chimney inspection, so Bill asked that inspector to come the same day as our normal home/mold inspection, so we had so many pairs of experienced eyes checking out the house at once and it was very VERY reassuring. The Ravens work well as a couple and with others!

Bottom line? The Ravens are honest, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, flexible, compassionate, fun to work with, detail oriented, attentive listeners, and genuinely interested in helping you. Bill even helped anchor the garage in our new home after we closed! We are very thankful we found the best realtor in La Crosse! You can’t go wrong hiring the Raven team!”

Sarah S.

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