Colin Luz - REALTOR®

In 2014, during my senior year of college at Viterbo University, I started a small moving company to fulfill an internship credit for my major in Business Administration. That small business, known as Coulee Region Moving Services, has grown over the past 8 years into the top rated moving company in the greater La Crosse area. In 2017, I launched another business called Holiday Heroes Lighting Installation where we install, remove and store Christmas lights for customers all across the Coulee Region. And in 2020, I opened Copperhead Carts, a small golf cart dealership on the southside of La Crosse that specializes in selling custom Yamaha and Club Car golf carts. I’ve also been acquiring rental properties in the City of La Crosse since 2020.

Entrepreneurship has been at the core of who I am as a person for as long as I can remember. Real estate has always been something I wanted to dive into at some point of my career, both as an investor and a real estate agent. Watching the success and fun my wife has had over the past couple of years as a Realtor at Raven Realty made it an easy choice for me to join the team and support my wife the same way she supports all of my businesses.

Anna and I work great together and we love getting to know new people. We look forward to helping your family buy or sell your next home!